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Aura Spring 500ml Trigger

  • Aura Spring 500ml Trigger
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AURA Spring 500ml is a clear coloured, highly perfumed bactericidal air freshener, containing a combination of effective bactericides for surface and air disinfection, with a trigger spray bottle for easy application.


  • Reduces air-born microbes
  • Destroys odour-causing bacteria on surfaces.
  • Imparts long-lasting odour neutralisation.
  • Helps prevent the transmission of bacteria in community homes and centres.
  • Suspends in the air by a balance of alcohol.


AURA will help to control offensive odours and provide both surface and air disinfection in community homes, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants, change-rooms, toilets, vehicles and industrial environments.


  • Use AURA in a spray container obtainable from your supplier.
  • For general deodorising, use a finely atomised spray throughout the area as required.
  • Spray directly onto surfaces requiring disinfection such as toilet bowls, urinal treads, drain, garbage can and waste food receptacles.
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Aura Spring

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