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Orange Based Cleaner 20L

  • Orange Based Cleaner 20L
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ORANGE BASED CLEANER 20L is a clear orange, alkaline, all purpose, hard surface cleaner.


  • Prevents stubborn soil and suspends it for easy rinsing.
  • Cleans and deodorisers
  • Particularly effective against oil, grease and protein stains.
  • Licensed by Environmental Choice New Zealand
  • MPI Approved C32


ORANGE BASED CLEANER can be used on most washable surfaces - walls, tables, benches, work surfaces, floors, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, etc.

Light Duty Cleaning: 1-80

Spray & Wipe: 1-80

Steam Cleaning: 1-40

Wet Mopping: 1-40

General cleaning: 1-40

Heavy Duty Cleaning: 1-20

Heavy Duty Degreasing: 1-10

Concrete: 1-10

Terrazzo: 1-10

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Orange Based Cleaner

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