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Instabuff Super 5L

  • Instabuff Super 5L
Product Code:ISBS5
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INSTABUFF SUPER 5L is a pink coloured liquid cleaner maintainer. A new concept in non build-up floorcare, which cleans, disinfects and shines in one operation.


  • Ensures no build-up and no permanent inclusion of dirt into the floor finish.
  • Cleans and shines in one operation.
  • Contains a bactericide.
  • Shines to a slip-resistant deep gloss.
  • Can be applied either by a mop-buff or spray-buff system.
  • NZFSA Approved C25


INSTABUFF SUPER is mild and safe to use on Instashine and Instagloss floor coatings. May be used in conjunction with polymer dressings on quarry tiles, slate etc. It can be applied by either a mop buff, spray buff operation or automatic scrubbing.


Mop Buffing: Dilute INSTABUFF SUPER 1:4 with water (approx 1 cup per 1 litre water). Mop the floor and allow to dry. Machine buff to a shine with either a yellow or red pad. (A polishing brush may be used on uneven surfaces eg. Quarry tiles etc).
Spray Buffing: Use INSTABUFF SUPER neat. Using a spray bottle, spray a fine mist lightly on the floor. While still wet, machine buff to a brilliant shine using yellow or red buffing pad or polishing brush.
Automatic Scrubbing: Dilute INSTABUFF SUPER 1:10 in the solution tank of the autoscrubber. Using a clean red pad or polishing brush, scrub floor and allow to dry. Machine buff to brilliant shine.

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Instabuff Super

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