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Ultimate 20L

  • Ultimate 20L
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ULTIMATE 20L  is a clear alkali extra heavy duty hard surface cleaner containing a blend of surfactants, solvents and water softening agents.


  • Penetrates stubborn soil and suspends it for easy rinsing.
  • Formulated for use in hard water areas.
  • Non flammable
  • Particularly effective against oil and grease.


ULTIMATE is an extra heavy duty degreaser, water based engine cleaner and truck curtain cleaner/degreaser for cleaning greasy workshop floors and effectively removes oil, grease, fat, rust stains, carbon, dirt etc.
ULTIMATE can be used in high pressure cleaning machines.


General cleaning, leather, vinyl etc Dilute up to 1:60
Water blasting: Dilute up to 1:40
Heavy-duty cleaning/degreasing: Dilute up to 1:20.
Concrete floor degreasing: Dilute up to 1:5
White wall tyre cleaning: Dilute up to 1:1.
Engine degreasing and truck curtain cleaning: Dilute up to 1:1

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