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Whitex 4kg

  • Whitex 4kg
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WHITEX 4Kg is a free-flowing, non-caking white laundry bleaching powder with an organic chlorine odour


  • Contains organic chlorine compounds and causes less fibre damage than liquid hypochlorite bleach.
  • More stable in storage than liquid bleach.
  • Effectively removes stubborn stains such as tea, coffee and proteins.
  • Effective laundry bactericide and sanitiser.


WHITEX is specifically used for laundry bleaching of stained white linen and fabrics.
WHITEX is a superior alternative to the use of liquid bleach.


WHITEX should be used at a dilution of 3g per kg of dry weight of wash load and added to the first rinse in automatic washing machines.
For soaking of stained white fabric, dilute WHITEX 30g per 10L of water.

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