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EZYDOSE Trigger Sprayer

  • EZYDOSE Trigger Sprayer
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EZYDOSE  Hand Held dilution System Trigger Spray


  1. Concentrated EZYDOSE Product
        The concentrated products are packaged in 325mL bottles designed to work specifically with this system. Each bottle contains a special dilution tip that ensures the right amount of product is mixed every time.

  2. Refillable EZYDOSE Water Bottle
        The water bottle pairs with the concentrate bottle to work with this system. It can be refilled over and over again from any tap water source. 

  3. EZYDOSE Trigger Sprayer
        This is the heart of the system, bringing the two phases of concentrate and water together. Ergonomically designed to cradle in the hand, it has a trigger mechanism that curves comfortably for the fingers reducing hand fatigue.


Just add water - it's that easy!

Fill the water bottle with water, then plug the bottle into the EZYDOSE Trigger Sprayer and lock in place. Plug a bottle of EZYDOSE Concentrate into the EZYDOSE Trigger Sprayer, and lock in place. You're now ready to go - just add water!

There's no guessing about dilutions and no overuse of concentrates with the built in dilution tip that coordinates with the EZYDOSE Trigger Sprayer. 


Save on Time

  • There's no need to set up or calculate special dilution rates. It's built into the EZYDOSE system. 
  • There's no need to go back to a dilution station with an attached water source. When your water supply is empty, the nearest tap water faucet is all you need. 
  • The EZYDOSE belt is an adjustable belt with 5 pouches made from durable canvas. 2 large pouches to hold the concentrate and water combination with a trigger and 3 small pouches to hold the concentrate bottles.
  • Changing over between products is now an easy, fast and seamless task.

Save on Cost

  • Rated at over 100,000 sprays, the EZYDOSE Trigger Sprayer lasts much longer than typical sprayers that are often discarded when the ready-to-use product is emptied, saving on literally hundreds of sprayers. 
  • With accurate dilutions always in hand, there is no overuse of the concentrate. 

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