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Status Automatic Dishwashing Liquid 5L

  • Status Automatic Dishwashing Liquid 5L
Product Code:STADL5
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STATUS AUTOMATIC DISHWASHING LIQUID 5L is a red coloured liquid detergent for automatic dishwashers.


  • Strongly alkaline and effectively neutralises fats and greases and removes all food soils from crockery and cutlery.
  • Formulated for use in hard water areas and prevents build-up of hard water scale on interior of the dishwasher machine.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors.
  • Low foaming.
  • NZFSA Approved C31


STATUS AUTOMATIC DISHWASHING LIQUID is used through automatic precision dosing systems on industrial dishwashers.


Dosing equipment is installed and pre-set to automatically dose 2 to 3ml of STATUS AUTOMATIC DISHWASHING LIQUID per litre of wash water.

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Status Automatic Dishwash Liquid

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