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T&G Cleaner Pro 5L

  • T&G Cleaner Pro 5L
Product Code:TGC5
Availability:2-3 Days

TILE AND GROUT CLEANER PRO is a premium, alkaline tile and grout cleaner for removing oils, grease and grime of all tiles.
-          Ideal for maintenance and deep cleaning.
-          Suspends soils for easy and effective rinsing.
-          Effective against most types of soils.
-          Excellent for general hard surface cleaning.

TILE AND GROUT CLEANER PRO can be used on all man-made and natural tiles.
TILE AND GROUT CLEANER PRO can be used on stone, grout and concrete.
For deep cleaning, dilute 1:4 – 1:10 with water.  Using an electric or pump up sprayer, spray on to the surface allowing 5-10 minutes dwell time.  Rinse off with hot water.
For maintenance cleaning dilute 1:32 – 1:64 with water and apply using a mop and bucket or sprayer.  Allow time to dwell and then rinse of using hot water.
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T&G Cleaner Pro

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