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T&G Sealer Pro 5L

  • T&G Sealer Pro 5L
Product Code:TGS5
Availability:2-3 Days

T & G SEALER PRO is a high performance tile and grout sealer for use on all porous natural stone, man-made tiles and grout.
-          Provides optimal protection against water, oil spills, food and beverage spills, etc.
-          Will not discolour marble and fine stone or grout.
-          Enhances the beauty of the tile and retains its newness.
-          UV stable – indoor and outdoor use.
-          Vapour permeable – will not trap moisture.
T&G SEALER PRO can be used on all man-made and natural tiles.
T&G SEALER PRO can be used on stone, grout and concrete.
Apply 1 – 2 coats of T & G Sealer Pro using a lamb’s wool applicator sponge or sprayer.  Allow 30 minutes to dry between coats.  Wipe of any remaining sealer after 10 minutes of each application.  

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