Commercial laundry cleaning products that produce outstanding results.

If you are wanting snuggle soft towels and crisp clean linen minus any stubborn stains, you’re in the right place. We make doing commercial scale laundry easy with everything you need from washing powders, sanitisers and stain removers to fabric softeners and alkali boosters. With a dedicated focus on reducing re-wash rates and reducing water and energy usage, you'll achieve outstanding results with each wash.
Washing powders
Stain removers
Fabric softeners
Alkali booster


Our Alpha One Shot Detergent range is our popular and effective concentrated commercial liquid laundry detergent.


  • Standalone product.
  • Contains optical brighteners.
  • Contains soil suspension agents.


Suitable for use in most commercial laundry machines through an automatic dosing system.

Eliminate Covid19 with just one press of a button with our Covid Infection Control Wash.

Laundry wash programs can be reprogrammed to include a ‘Covid Wash’ that will wash items at recommended dilutions to kill Covid-19 and other infectious viruses.

Incorporate a ‘Covid Wash’ alongside our infection control products and you have a powerful outbreak prevention system.

Free up your staff’s time and reduce their health and safety risks with our automatic, single wash EvoClean Laundry system.

The dispenser is designed to reduce installation time, service and labour. It has pre-wired power and signal cables, eliminating the need to run conduit or terminate wires inside the dispenser. There are no squeeze tubes, which are generally changed every 1-6 months. Also, the integrated flush manifold eliminates the need to source and install multiple products.

EvoClean reduces the risk of shock because it uses low voltage inside the housing. It has been certified safe according to various global standards.

Because EvoClean does not utilise squeeze tubes, it does not experience a reduction in delivery performance over time due to squeeze tube wear. The unit is only calibrated once and will not under-deliver chemicals. This contributes to more predictable wash results.

Plus our EvoClean saves both water and energy. It uses less water because its eductor restricts flow to 0.5 GPM or 1.0 GPM, depending on the model. It also saves energy because it does not use AC or DC motors

You can relax, knowing your laundry is in top form, after we’ve completed our 41 spot check audit.  

Our audit ensures the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in laundries and can be used to measure the quality of laundry service and highlight any areas for improvement or development.

The process is simple, just give us a call and we can arrange for one of our laundry experts to pop into your laundry to conduct an audit on the following areas:

  • Procedures
  • Laundry Machines
  • Dispensing Equipment & Products
  • Results
  • Infection Control
  • Safety

After the audit, you’ll receive a copy of the report with details on any improvements needed and how to fix them.  And, if they’re small changes, our laundry gurus will often fix them right there and then.

Keep your laundry performing to the highest standard.

Speak to one of our laundry experts today.